Founder: Benjamin Lela


Digi Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is a web development and graphics design company which was founded to bring innovation to the Digital Skills community. 

The idea to form Digi Solutions was motivated after we realized how much Zimbabwe was lagging behind in the IT sector. With the pace in which the digital community is growing all over the world and the reliance of the public to the use of smart devices, we found it necessary to put our expertise at work and bring solutions that work to the public. 


To be the leading Web Design and Graphics Design company in Zimbabwe and beyond our geographical borders.


Fun Facts: 

  • There were over three (3) billion active users of the internet in the world as at midyear 2017
  • An average internet user spent about 6 hours combined on the internet per day at the same period
  • Mobile devices covered the greater percentage of devices which are used to surf the internet.

These are some of the motivators behind our vision as Digi Solutions. One can only wonder how much these figures have grown in the past 2 years. It is a reality that indeed the world has evolved and it is therefore inevitable that our generation should focus on changing the way we conduct our day to day business, innovating and coming up with efficient and effective means to build a brighter future for each and every one of us.